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Live Online Training, eLearning-Programs, Learning Videos & Co.

Blended Learning

In recent years, electronically supported learning, in its manifold of characteristics, has become increasingly important. Learning videos, eLearning programs as well as video teasers and live online training modules, covering specific topics, can be excellently integrated into advanced professional training for managers as well as employees.

Live online training, eLearning programs, learning videos & Co. – these components of blended learning provide more than just time for education.

Where can they be used?

For example, as building blocks in development programs with classroom training, in preparation for a classroom event or between two modules to follow up and deepen learning content.

As an introduction to classroom training, for example, to familiarize the participants with the selected topic, or to create an initial theoretical basis on which to build during training. As live online modules, i.e., moderated digital forums, in which questions concerning the material previously learned in training are discussed; in which case work, exercises and collegial counseling are possible.

Used sensibly, eLearning modules and the accompanying forums such as Live Online Modules also assist the transfer of content into the seminar participants’ daily work. In this manner, they increase the sustainability of continuing education and promote or demand further independent work on the learning topics.

The benefits are obvious.

  • Basic savings of travel expenses
  • Short and compact modules, without a compulsory presence in appointments, and without additional time expenditures such as traveling
  • Greater flexibility through time-delayed, individual learning
  • Time-independent exchange of the participants among each other in the corresponding forums
  • Assistance when transferring the contents into the daily work routine
  • Intensive use of classroom training for practical exercises and case studies, because the theoretical parts are done digitally during self-study time
  • Cost-effective, fast and time-flexible learning platform for companies, when many people are to be trained on specific topics

You have further requirements? No problem!

We develop, for you, individually adapted eLearning programs, learning videos, live online training and motivation teasers, separately or embedded in presence training or development programs for managers and employees.

In our product area, you’ll get a first impression of our standard offers for eLearning systems

Your benefit: we take care of everything.

From the coordination of the concept/screenplay to the didactic-methodical preparation of the topic right up to the recording. An experienced trainer/coach from our team is your dedicated contact and accompanies the entire project through to completion. Contents and goals are agreed to in advance The script is closely

coordinated with you

We are happy to put our experience and competence at your disposal. Schedule a non-binding consultation appointment with us, and take a look at and try out our already finished products Or you can use our existing products by directly integrating them into your learning environment.

All products are available in the German and English language.