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Newsletteranmeldung          Direktkontakt:     +49 (0) 45 33 - 204 94 70
Katja Ischebeck

lecture spoke:

german / english


Focus topics

  • Training in the following fields
    • Executive staff development
    • Presentation and communication
    • Conflict management
  • Coaching
  • Workshop moderation
  • Train the trainer education
  • Team development and support
  • Career consultancy and outplacement
  • Develop and implement HR tools and processes (feedback, staff appraisal)


  • University degree Psychology, GoŐąttingen University Trainer and moderator training
    with Voss & Partner GmbH
  • Certified trainer for DISG and Situational leadership, Voss& Partner GmbH
  • Gestalt therapy, IGG Wien / Berlin
  • NLP practitioner and master /institutkutschera/Wien NLP ResonanzTraining / institutkutschera/ Wien
  • NLP trainer, Robert Dilts / University of Santa Cruz, California, USA
  • Business Coach, Robert Dilts / University of Santa Cruz, California, USA

Professional background

  • Human resource management (retail, management consulting)
  • Consultant, trainer and coach for personnel and organizational development (all trades)
  • Teaching position University of Hamburg Self-employed since 2004


  • Management consultancy
  • IT / telecommunications
  • Insurances/financial sector
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Publishing sector / media / internet

Additional Qualifications

  • English: business fluent, language of instruction (training, coaching, moderation, audits)
  • International experience: more than 2 years in English- speaking countries, studied in the USA and Australia, further education in the USA, various international work assignments (workshops, coaching, audits, training)

What I wish to achieve with my work

  • Respect, clarity and commitment
  • Multi-perceptiveness: insight, overview, far-sightedness
  • Freedom of choice: Awareness of one‚Äôs own behavior and its effect on others and change of own behavioral patterns

What matters to me

  • To discover our potentials and to implement target-oriented change ‚Äď pro-actively, as individuals or as team. It is important to me to initiate and implement change on all effective levels (inner attitude, values, thinking, behavior). This way, the result will be authentic and sustainable.
  • In a mutual effort to create room for impulses, contemplation and trying out new things ‚Äď in a fun environment among equal partners.