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Newsletteranmeldung          Direktkontakt:     +49 (0) 45 33 - 610 19 27
Roberta Pezzarossa

lecture spoke:

german / english


Focus topics

  • Specialisation
    • Facilitation
    • Trainer
    • Coach
  • Topics
    • Change Processes in companies initiating and accompanying effectively
    • Development of Executives, Executive Coaching and Business & Management Coaching
    • Team Development
    • International Leadership Competence and Team Development / Diversity Management
    • Conflict Management and Team Workshops to


  • Ma√ģtre Histoire de l‚Äôart et arch√©logie, Univ√©rsit√© de Strasbourg
  • Change Manager and Process Tutor
  • Business- and Management Coach (ECA)
  • Master Executive Coach (ECA)
  • Certified wingwave-Coach (Besser-Siegmund-Institute)
  • Certified Organization- and Personality Development (ECA)
  • Work-Health-Balance-Coach for systemic Short-Term-Concepts (Besser-Siegmund-Institute)
  • Business-Coach f√ľr systemische Kurzzeit-Konzepte (Besser-Siegmund-Institut)
  • Fucusing (FZK)
  • Coach the Caoch certification (ECA)


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Finance sector
  • Airlines
  • Touristik
  • Logistics
  • Out placement
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Callcenter

Additional information

  • Vice President at the international Coaching association ECA


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

What I wish to achieve with my work

  • It is my concern as trainer and coach to offer my clients a resource-oriented accompaniment with the focus on helping them to reach their targets. During this process I put special attention in openness, diligence and individual commitment particularly in groups and teams. Three elements in my training sessions are intended to increase sustainability: interactive exercises, psycho-education and special coaching sessions for reflection and finding of an approach to solutions.
  • In this process rational as well as emotional aspects are taken into account and I give preference to a pragmatic approach.

What matters to me

  • One of my favourite quotes is: “The way is right when things get easier”. And with this I certainly do not intend laziness nor recommend the most comfortable way.
  • I intend willingness to perform, know-how, reliability, diligence and target-orientation.
  • My experience has taught me that things get easier when you find solutions by profoundly entering your issue. Easinessis a reliable orientation to find an approach which is worthwhile to be implemented and will give joy for a new approach.