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Newsletteranmeldung          Direktkontakt:     +49 (0) 45 33 - 204 94 70
Sabine Pump

lecture spoke:

german / english


Focus topics

  • Training in the fields
    • Leadership in production
    • Coaching / Support executive staff
    • Interim management
    • Project management


  • University Degree TU Berlin (Diploma Food Technology)
  • Diploma Project Manager, DIE AKADEMIE, √úberlingen
  • Coach training acc. to EAS (European Association for Supervision and Coaching, VHS/SUPAktiv, LuŐąneburg
  • Basic knowledge Pedagogy (University of Potsdam and FU Berlin)

Professional background

  • Commissary for quality assurance and product development in food industry
  • Production Manager in food industry (responsible for 90 employees)
  • Divisional Director Production (responsible for 250 employees) in food industry
  • Self-employed since 2008 (interim assignments in food industry)


  • Food industry
  • Service sector

What I wish to achieve with my work

  • I put complex contexts in a nutshell.
  • My enthusiasm for what I do motivates others.
  • I support where support is appreciated.
  • I ensure the practical relevance of achieved results.

What matters to me

  • I appreciate clarity and try to establish it where necessary.
  • I like to exchange views with people who have an opinion.