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New challange

Accompaniment during the change process

Market conditions change continuously, and with increasing speed. To remain competitive, globalization, digital networking and new forms of communication are forcing companies to continually improve their ability to change.

Professional change management convinces of the necessity of upcoming changes, presents their chances in detail without concealing the risks, enthuses the employees for the measures’ goals, ensures a convincing communication concept, and thus, involves all employees in the process.

The typical changes in companies today can be:

  • Merger with other companies
  • Change of owner/succession, change of managing director
  • Measures due to impending insolvency
  • Outsourcing of organizational areas to independent companies
  • Internal restructuring processes/implementation of new processes
  • Altered processes that affect the entire company
  • Investment in new, future-oriented business areas
  • Introduction of new product strategies
  • Introduction of managerial development
  • Internationalization
  • Development of a mission statement/values work


TRILOGIE offers you professional support:

  • Consulting and assistance in setting up and the implementation of change projects
  • Moderation of change workshops in teams
  • Short workshop “what to consider during change” for executives
  • Moderation of Change-Circles
  • Advice to owners or managing directors “The first 100 days”
  • The accompaniment of managers through change processes