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Healthy employees, healthy company


Does your company want to reduce illness-related costs, and take demographic developments into account? What do you actually need to deal with increases in psychological illnesses, especially those caused by company operations?

Standard measures to keep employees healthy, such as back therapy training, non-smoking courses or a quiet breakroom, etc. by far, no longer suffice to keep them healthy.

According to recent research, the psychological strain on employees is increasing, not only for individual reasons but increasingly due to company circumstances. Therefore, further measures are necessary – the currently effective measures include leadership, as well as the cooperation of teams or better said, the entire company culture.

We support you in recognizing how you can reduce your company’s health costs, how you can motivate your employees to stay healthy, and how the explosive topic “increase of psychological stress” can be addressed positively within your company.

Together with you, we analyze what health management has to do with leadership and organizational development within your company, how it is lived in your company, and how it can be optimized.

Together, we will mutually develop what content should be included in management training courses and company measures, and how it can be possible to initiate significant changes.

We’ll practice, with you, how to actively design discussion techniques with troubled employees or a guideline for differentiated talks upon the return after an employee illness. Also, we’ll work with you to develop helpful settings in the event of conflicts, difficulties in teams and psychological instability of individual employees.


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