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Clarity before beauty and harmony


Clarification assistance is a conflict moderation method for difficult or conflict-laden interpersonal situations. Triggers, reasons and resulting conflicts are clarified. The unique thing about the method is that it deals primarily with the role of the complicated feelings of people in conflict situations.

Conflict resolution can take place between two participants as well as groups or teams. We are guided by the following principles:

  • Clarification of the situation and emotional backgrounds (clarity before beauty and harmony)¬†
  • to empower people to break away from conflict and to work together again in an objective and as productive a manner as possible
  • Clarity is essential as a prerequisite for solutions that actually work.
  • To carry out the conflict not against each other but with one another

Clarification assistance is not so much about selecting the objective truth, but instead, about making the subjective experience upon which the conflict parties base their actions and make them visible to all. It is the personal truth that counts.

Talk to us – we will accompany you effectively on your way back to collegial peace.