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Newsletteranmeldung          Direktkontakt:     +49 (0) 45 33 - 610 19 27
Head and heart


The initial situation is known. The higher the external pressure is, the faster people, who work together, become conflicted and cease their previously constructive collaboration. This can happen in all areas of a company; within the production team as well as in management.

These disruptions cost energy, time and money. Often it is just now that the project, which is in a critical phase, has to be completed on schedule. For sustainable decisions to be made, for the work process to get going again and for employees to regain their professional competence, it is necessary to quickly enter the clarification of the crisis now.

Therefore, TRILOGIE offers very specific emergency services for a case of special conflict resolution:

After calling us, you’ll receive, within 12 hours, the recall from our consultant. After the order is placed, individual interviews with the parties involved are conducted within three days. Generally speaking, this already allows for a certain amount of relaxation.

Upon request, this is followed by a crisis meeting for which an open-end day should be scheduled. And to ensure that things continue to go according to plan, we are happy to accompany the affected team on their way to lasting inner stability.

Call +49 (0)4533 610 19 27 or +49 (0)171 324 33 74.
We accompany you quickly out of the crisis.


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