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Newsletteranmeldung          Direktkontakt:     +49 (0) 45 33 - 204 94 70
Precisely adapted


In the open seminar area you’ll find selected seminars, covering leadership and key competencies, which we offer with a fixed date and price for each participant in Hamburg; reap the benefits from mixed groups from different companies, where an additional benefit for individuals arises through the exchange of experiencing a mixture of different corporate cultures. 

Our performance guarantee covers all of our open seminars, i.e., the seminar shall take place as soon as the first registration is received; we work with small groups of up to 8 participants. The seminar price includes a handout, a photo protocol after the seminar as well as a confirmation of participation. 

In the field of standard seminars, let yourself be inspired by our diverse and proven in-house seminars that we’re more than happy to carry out on your premises. Tried and tested well thought-out concepts, interactive and participant-oriented, established content. 

When booking one of the seminars directly as offered, no further preparation costs will arise. The seminar price includes a handout inPDF format, a photo-protocol, and a confirmation of participation upon completion of the seminar. The optimal number of participants per seminar varies from topic to topic and ranges between six and twelve employees.   


With TRILOGIE, a comprehensive seminar series with proven concepts is at your disposal. Before the implementation of in-house seminars, TRILOGIE will coordinate the contents with you in detail during the consulting phase. This is how TRILOGIE ensures that the seminars are individually customized your company’s structures, objectives and needs and those of the participants.

TRILOGIE trainers have specialized skills and versatile educations. Therefore, methodology and models can be flexibly selected for you, which are then used in the seminars. We focus on the participants, and not on a model or a method.

TRILOGIE always works depending on the situation and in a participant-oriented manner.
TRILOGIE recommends conducting seminars with small groups of participants.

This allows sufficient time and opportunity to work individually on the participants’ case studies and thus, optimally support the practical application.

For TRILOGIE, practical relevance is a top priority. The TRILOGIE trainers view themselves as a source of inspiration for your employees. They point out potentials to the participants and encourage them to develop and implement their own solutions, and take responsibility for their development process and working environment. In this manner, TRILOGIE can optimally support your employees’ independent and efficient collaboration.


People need time to change their behavior. Therefore, in certain contexts, TRILOGIE recommends interval training. After basic training, half-day or full-day follow-up sessions at intervals of a few weeks take place, in which the participants can reflect upon their experiences. The results of the practical exercises that they have worked on in the meantime can be discussed in the group. This allows participants to receive personal feedback as well as further input from the trainer.

This approach ensures that the change process remains alive in one’s own behavior and actions and does not – as is so often the case – get lost in one’s daily routine at work.

Please feel free to contact us! We’ll mutually develop seminars customized to your needs in compact or modular form.

Time Out Sessions

Short, crisp units of 3-4 hours in length, on specific topics that we mutually define with you related to your target group. 

Ideally, several modules will take place over a period of 2 – 6 months.  You’ve got several “game variations” to choose from: 

  • Experienced employees or managers, looking to refresh and reflect their knowledge, run through 4-6 modules on different soft-skill topics. 
  • Between sessions, participants try out what they’ve learned and reflected upon it during the following session where they then work on a new topic from there.
  • Each module is preceded by an eLearning or learning video in which theory can already be learned; this allows sessions to be dedicated to practicing and deepening casework from the participants’ work life. Very interactive, lively and instructive. 

The target group is for both executives (set link to performance/development programs/programs for executives/time out session for experienced executives) as well as employees. 

Examples of combinable modules:  

Leading employees – Leading teams – Carrying out employee evaluations – Feedback as a management tool  

Understanding yourself and others – Understanding relationship dynamics – Interrupting conflict dynamics – Living out successful communication 

Feel free to contact us and let our diverse repertoire inspire you.

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